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Northwestern Lehigh HS Band March to Disney
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How many steps do you think the average student marches at Band Camp? 


Similar to a charity walk or run, NWL High School Marching Band students will be recording their steps throughout Band Camp to count towards their goal of 50 Laps to Disney! 

Let’s do the math:

There are 500 steps in one lap.

This year’s exciting Chicago halftime show has over 1,000 steps in it. That’s two laps just doing the show once!

Add in basic marching practice, pre-game and parade rehearsal and students will more than exceed the 25,000 steps (or 50 Laps) it takes to make their fundraising goal on their way to Walt Disney World.

Each student will set up a personal fundraising page online to collect donations from family, friends and loved ones across the community and around the world. Suggested donations of .20¢ to $10 per lap will go directly towards the fundraising goal of a four day-three night trip to Walt Disney World and a performance by the band in a Disney Park in March, 2019.

Donation Chart

.20¢ per lap =       $10

.50¢ per lap =       $25

$1.00 per lap =     $50

$2.00 per lap =     $100

$5.00 per lap =     $250

$10.00 per lap =   $500