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The Bushwackers Are Growing! Help us acquire new equipment!
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The six-time DCA world champion Bushwackers Drum Corps is rapidly growing and having an incredible season! We would like to give our members a world-class experience, and we have the opportunity to replace our instruments and equipment with newer and better equipment!

When you support this campaign, you are helping us to provide an all-new full section of brass instruments, battery percussion, front ensemble percussion, electronics, and color guard equipment.

For the brass and battery, a unique opportunity has been presented to us, and we've made it a priority to replace this equipment as soon as you can help us! Many of our current brass instruments are almost a decade old, and our battery percussion is a couple of years beyond its best use. Many of our front ensemble keyboard instruments and electronics are rented, and that puts a strain on our finances. 

Help us make this dream a reality, and help us provide our dedicated performers with the best experience and the most opportunities for success. New equipment is a great morale boost, and if we act fast, we can meet our goal of replacing the brass and battery within months!

We would love to meet or even surpass our goal before DCA Championships and the end of the season on Labor Day!