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2018/2019 Fundraiser
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RPT Percussion is a youth based percussion ensemble open to anyone 13-21 years of age in the Central Florida area competing in the FFCC and WGI Indoor Percussion circuits. The primary goal of RPT Percussion is to create something amazing, that is educational, and will allow the member to grow and mature, as a performer and musician, as well as exciting and entertaining our audiences. We strive to help our members learn to work well and communicate with others, to always set high standards and goals, to expect nothing less than their very best and to set out and reach for one common goal together as a group of diverse individuals.

Our organization is committed to world-class levels of services concerning all facets of the program.  This includes staffing, program design, facilities, equipment, fan entertainment and most important, the quality of the experience for the members. As an independent organization, we rely on the generosity and support of family, friends, our community, and sponsors to operate our award winning program.

Achieving our goals with this campaign allows us to provide:

    *Competition entry fees

    *Music licensing

    *Truck and Trailer transportation

    *Member Transportation to Local and World Championships events

    *Performance equipment (drum heads, sticks, mallets, cymbals, front ensemble, drum repairs)

    * Uniforms, props, performance tarps


Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at one of our performances!

For more info about RPT Percussion, please visit our website http://www.rptpercussionflorida.com/