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Genesis Mobile Command Center

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Genesis DBC has stumbled upon an incredible opportunity in the form of a semi-trailer perfect for creating the mobile kitchen and command center we need to take a significant leap forward in our operation. 

Some of you may recall our 2017 kitchen trailer campaign in which we raised money for an overhaul of our older kitchen trailer. That campaign was highly successful and NEEDED at the time as we were facing serious service issues with our mobile kitchen. This trailer that has recently become available to us will include MUCH of the equipment that was purchased last spring in the retrofit project. Nothing will be wasted and we will be able to much better serve the drum corps membership and support staff with this new mobile command center and kitchen.

This trailer was graciously offered at a significant discount and is already complete with the propane piping and water system and comes with both a walk-in freezer and a 40,000- generator built in!! 40,000 watts!!! The trailer will replace our small kitchen that was new last year and will be donated to our local Mobile Kitchen supplier to be used in the relief efforts in Puerto Rico and continue as a disaster relief trailer for years to come! 

Of course this will not come without some hard work from our team and funding to make it all happen.  With this trailer addition we are now tasked with raising $45,000 in the next two months!!! 

We can only do this with your help. Please consider a donation to our campaign and we humbly ask for your help in sharing this as often as you can!  This trailer is going to change our entire organization. We thank you for your contribution and your continued effort in support of Genesis DBC.