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Keep the Longhorns Marching On
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The Kell High School Marching Band has a reputation for musical excellence, and we have refused to allow the Covid-19 pandemic to change this. From our directors to our parents, we have the will and have made the way.  We jumped through every hoop to stay safe while also providing a fall marching band program, albeit limited and very different from a typical year. We also offered an unprecedented spring marching band season.  Both marching seasons and all classes were tailored to the needs of every student, whether virtual, in-person, or fluctuating between the two.  

Unfortunately, many of our families were impacted financially at some point in this ongoing pandemic. We slashed program fees for classes and marching band to a fraction of normal fees.  We had numerous fundraisers cancelled.  We pulled back on big projects originally planned for spring 2020 and the 2020-2021 school year. We pushed savings to the limits to keep the music alive.

We need you: the lovers of music, the supporters of band, the families & friends of Kell.  We need help to provide as much of an opportunity for music education as possible with very little income from normal sources.  These are our pressing needs:
  • Band Instruments (many are being carried along with expensive, frequent repairs)
  • Marching Band Uniforms (the current ones are at the end of their lifespan)
  • Band Trailer (major repairs or possible replacement)
  • Band Tower (Built in 2002 and severely worn)
Our campaign goal is $20,000 to get back to these important projects put on hold, while also continuing to offer a top-notch band program. We know that we can climb this mountain with your help.  If you're unable to give at this time, please consider sharing this fundraiser with someone that loves music education.  We appreciate the love and support of all our fans.  Thank you!